Empowered: The Beginning of the End of Dead Churches

  LifePoint Church, located in New Tampa, Florida is joining the list of Charismatic churches. LifePoint is a nondenominational church with a philosophy of being a church for people who do not like church. The founding and senior pastors, Brad and Stephanie White, who were both raised Baptist and were pastor kids felt like they were sent to Tampa in 2000 to start a church for the lost.

Empowered: Mardi Gras Mission’s Trip

When the second trimester began, the reality of the trip started to get to me. January arrived, and everyone told me it was time to fast. I found it hard to press into God. I had been craving this level in our relationship that I had gotten to a year ago and felt like I lost it when I had gotten sick and my husband was looking at fifteen to twenty-five years in prison.

Empowered: My Testimony

In the following days, I discovered the last part of my vision had come true and it broke me. It filled me with a rage that caused me to lash out at my sister and mother.  My mother had to remind me that God had prepared me for this, so when I could calm down and muster up the courage, I opened up my devotional. It was the last day of Coping with Pain and Adversity, up until that day I read it with no passion, but right there in the scripture provided was Joel 2:25.

Empowered: The Powerless Church

This month is about teaching you what it means. This month is about spreading this message. I’ll explain why it disappeared, to begin with. It is also for you to desire this powerful life that God has in store for you. I pray that this lights a match in your heart and sets your spirit on fire so that you can live a victorious life amongst the saints. 

My Testimony

Even though I claimed to believe in God and what Jesus had done for humanity on the cross, what I truly worshipped nearly destroyed my will to live in 2015. I wanted to take my life, but I am a mother who did not want to leave her son motherless.

Mardi Gras Day 2: Will You Pick Up Your Cross?

What a day yesterday! Our Chancellor got us ready to walk the streets with a powerful message. I was completely afraid to be out om Bourbon street witnessing to drunk people, but after walking a mile and being on my feet for hours, I loved it. It was constant rejection, creepy men (one lesbian), people running from us, but there were others who kept saying keep coming out here. One man told us he had more prayer on Bourbon street then he has had his whole life. This is what its about. You only bring the souls you saved to Heaven.