Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Whose the Most Sinful of Them All?

I loved Disney movies growing up. I cannot even tell you how old I was when I saw Snow White. I just know I was young enough. Her step-mother was a beautiful woman, but she was wicked. She so called disguises herself as an ugly evil witch to trick Snow White into eating an apple. But what I would like to know was that truly a disguise? Honestly, she revealed her true self. Her hate for Snow White turned her into a monster because she was more beautiful than herself. Envy is not becoming, darling. Or the story The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, which is about a young man obsessed with youth, beauty, and pleasure. Dorian curses his portrait because he feels it will be a reminder of how old he is getting. What happened was he stayed forever young while the painting aged and shows every sin he ever committed. You know that story does not end well either. But what does any of this have anything to do with you and me? Everything.

Our last two devotionals had to do with getting ready for this mirror that we will be staring at all week. I do not know about you, but I am nervous to see what God will reveal to me. I have looked at that mirror multiple times and there is always something new. The first time I found the mirror, my reflection horrified me. It was at a time that I felt like I was a victim and I needed answers to my situation. The mirror was part of the answer.

I was no victim, but complicit in my own misery. I was selfish, suffered from low self-esteem, said and did horrible things. How could I be a victim when I told the person I promised to love until death do we part, that his mother should have aborted him? This was just one of the many things. If you needed someone to kill your self-esteem, just call me. I did not like what I saw and knew it was time for a change.

What I did not understand was this change was not just something I could do on my own. See I am incapable of changing myself. Just to let you know, so are you. We might be able to modify behavior, but you are still that monster in the mirror. Sociopaths are capable of mimicking human emotions. So, you can definitely learn new behavior. I know there is a narrative in some churches that have told you if you don’t commit these sins you are all good. You earned your way into Heaven. False.

The Holy Spirit had to literally change my heart of stone into a red, fleshy, and beating heart that understood God’s heart and understood not just how He loves, but how He hurts. That the monster in the mirror does not care about our Creator, our Father, but wants to be its own god. It craves destruction that masquerades as pleasure. A pleasure that makes us all look like Dorian Gray’s picture by the time of his death.

We are going to focus on uprooting these things that are destroying us and getting in the way of a relationship with our Heavenly Father. We will be going over the seven deadly sins. It’s not completely scriptural to say seven deadly sins, but none of them are false. And before you say, but some of those feel natural to me. Yes, sin is natural to us. It’s a part of human nature now. Yes, God is asking you to go against your human nature to have a relationship with Him. I’ll explain that more next Friday when we cover boundaries. Why we have these sins and how they affect our relationship with Him.

I will be sharing each day something God has revealed to me that I need to work on. Share with me, also, either in comments or private message. I would love to pray with you on what God has revealed and the next steps.

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