‘A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied. ‘ Proverbs 13:4

As we begin this in-depth look into the mirror God holds up, do you see a sloth? No, not that cute little animal that just got really popular because of Zootopia. I am talking about laziness, and I am not just talking about those moments where you sit around the house watching tv and eating potato chips because you need to breathe. I am talking about a level of laziness where you do not make the effort to even plan your life. You don’t know where your life is headed, you cannot seem to keep a job, and you don’t even take care of your body.

Is this what God had in mind for you? What does He say about this? Paul tells the Colossians in chapter 3, verse 23, that whatever they do, do with all their heart as if they are doing it unto God and not man. Why? Because we are. When we are diligent in planning for whatever the task is, we will greatly succeed. God does not step in when we choose to be lazy. God works, and He created us to work. Work did not come after the fall, but before. The curse brought hardship from work.

Confession: I know this is probably one of my biggest struggles. I am the great procrastinator. I procrastinated on getting this blog together. I procrastinate on getting my school work done, on exercise, planning out what I will eat and worst of all sometimes I procrastinate sitting down with God and having alone time with Him. I know when I do it, because I don’t feel a closeness. I am more sensitive to Him when I spend time with Him. I am sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to speak to this person, to see what God needs me to see, when to intercede for someone. This is the worst offense. I rather sleep and sit and be on my phone on Facebook. But that ends here. It’s time for diligence.

Committing: To a set time spent with God and not allowing sleep or anything else get in the way of that. He comes first. Second, join the BrittneBabe challenge on Monday, with people around the world for three weeks. This body is God’s temple, like yours is. Join with me. Also planning out when I need to work on this blog, my school work, and be with my family.


Pray with me:  Father I come before you recognizing my laziness is unacceptable in your eyes. I want to be a dilligent warrior. I want to be never lacking in zeal, but keep my spiritual fervor, serving You. I want to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Sharing with the Your people who are in need. Practicing hospitality. Let me know when I am being lazy, and remind me of this prayer. That I get up everyday to serve You and your people.

In Yeshua’s (Jesus) Name I pray, Amen

Romans 12:11-13

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